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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

getting over that hill

Make that hills.

My local running shop's racing team is training again, and like last year we started with 200-meter sprints up a bridge. We had a great night for it -- still over 50 degrees at 6:30 p.m!

Based on my 55-minute 10K goal, I was supposed to be running each hill in 63 seconds.  I had the same 10K goal last year. And I made it... barely...  at 55:57. I'd like to get a bit more solidly into that 55-minute range.

We had five repeats on the schedule tonight. I haven't done any hill or speedwork for a while now, and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I had nothing to worry about!

  1. 56
  2. 59
  3. 58
  4. 58 
  5. 58
Hmm ... a bit fast. I guess I'll see if I can keep it up. I wouldn't mind beating my goal!

I was the only one at the run tonight in my pace group, but it wasn't bad. The group kept the 1.5-mile run to and from the shop slow (for them), so I had no trouble keeping up. I was actually in the front on the way back, which was strange in that crowd!

As for the hills, I just started each repeat with two women with a 53-minute goal. I couldn't quite keep up, but they helped pull me along.

The post-Goofy break was nice, and I'm really glad I didn't have a strict training schedule during all that snow. But I'm happy to have some structure in my running again!



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