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Thursday, November 19, 2009

why yes, i am still running!

I last left off at Week 8 of our Goofy Challenge training plan. It's still going really well, and I'm excited about our progress.

Week 9
Tuesday: 4
Thursday: 3.5

Saturday: 9
Sunday: 12
Total: 28.5 miles

Saturday's run was a little different in week nine. We were scheduled to run a five-mile race that day. We decided we'd do a two-mile warm up before the race, and another two after.

The only other time I did some warm-up running before a race, I set a new 5K PR. Would it happen again?

I wasn't really planning on it. I hadn't done speed work since the summer, and a lot of our long training runs have been slower Galloway runs.

Still, I started out kinda fast, and was a little concerned!

  1. 8:44 -  it was 8:38 when I passed the mile marker. Legs -- what are you thinking?
  2. 9:07 - still fast but better. I didn't think I could hold it.
  3. 8:53 - and we're speeding up again. Waiting to crash and burn ...
  4. 8:51 - huh.
  5. 8:32 - how about that!
This race takes place in paved trails in a park, with lots of curves. I always measure a little off -- this year was no exception. Close enough ...

 Garmin time: 43:35 / 4.94 miles / 8:50 average
Official time: 43:48 / 5 miles / 8:43 average

New 5-mile PR by 1:09. The old one was on the same course, set in 2005!

Back to Goofy training ...

Week 10
Tuesday: 5.3
Thursday: 0 (couldn't run, but our mileage jump would have been too high anyway)
Saturday: 9
Sunday: 19
Total: 33

That 19 was tough, but it felt really good to be getting close to our 13.1 / 26.2 goal! We had a great time running through DC (pictures soon!). My friend/training partner may call herself the Lazy Runner, but I'm going to be the Lazy Blogger and send you over to her run report for details!



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