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Sunday, November 22, 2009

weekly winners: dc tourist edition

November 15-21, 2009

Last Sunday, my friend/training partner and I went into DC for our long 19-mile run. It was a gorgeous day, and I brought my camera along. I probably would have taken more photos, except it was kind of annoying to keep taking it out / repacking it into my waist pack!

On the way to Virginia
dc from the bridge

Views from the Mt. Vernon Trail
monuments from the trail

washington monument

mt vernon trail
The person on the far right is a homeless guy on rollerblades.

Roosevelt Island
dc ducks

dc ducks

under the bridge

Capitol Hill
DC afternoon


We had a great day. Very long, but still very enjoyable!

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At 2:17 PM, November 22, 2009, Blogger Tara R. said...

Those last two shots are gorgeous! I've always loved DC, it's such a great city.

At 3:34 PM, November 22, 2009, Blogger Danifred said...

What a gorgeous day you had! Beautiful :)

At 3:38 PM, November 22, 2009, Blogger barbetti said...

I am envious of your beautiful weather! My best friend is trying to talk me into at least trying the Marine Corps Historic Half, down in Quantico, next May just to see how much I can do. :)

At 4:38 PM, November 22, 2009, Blogger Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

Beautiful shots of our Capital! I love the second to last one - just wonderful! And very impressed with the 19 mile run! Goodness gracious, I am tired and sore now just thinking about it :-)!

At 5:48 PM, November 22, 2009, Blogger Denise Mattox said...

Those skies are so blue!! Absolutely beautiful images!

At 9:55 PM, November 22, 2009, Blogger alejna said...

Beautiful photos! I really love the one of the bridge and its reflection. I love all the different lines, and the way the radiate outward and converge. It's like a kaleidoscope. And I love the clear X-shape made by the stone support and reflection.

I'm also partial to those last two. All those contrails make for such a dramatic sky, especially with sun glinting through. (I just had to ask what those were called--you know, the lines left by planes. I guess they're called contrails.)


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