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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a-tisket, a-tasket

I organized my basket.

Well, not completely. But I got rid of a lot of junk.

When you last saw my dresser, it looked like this:

clean dresser

Note the position of the first basket on the left.

The other night I went through this basket, throwing out old receipts and prescription labels, tossing some old broken sunglasses, and putting away two random socks.

cleaner basket

See how this semi-organized basket is actually smaller than the one in the middle? That's how much stuff was shoved behind it. I tend to put things there that I need to save for some reason.

There were quite a few receipts from online orders where I've made returns. Do I ever go back and check the statement to make sure it's on there? Not usually.

There were a lot of prescription labels, saved for ease of refill. But does the whole bag need to stay there? Of course not.

This is still very much a junk basket, and it will probably stay pretty random. But it's better than having all that stuff all over my dresser!



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