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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

this one doesn't make much of an impact

But I found what I was looking for!

Tonight I sorted through my choral music. I had to find the music I need now that we're rehearsing for the holidays, so it was the perfect opportunity to reorganize.

office disaster

I store my music in the gray file box seen above, and it's safe to say I don't always put things away promptly. Or ever. That pile to the left of the file box is also music; the red folder at the bottom is Christmas music. From last year. There was a lot of stuff just shoved in the back of the box behind the hanging folders. I found a rehearsal schedule from 2005!

I sorted through a large pile of papers, a lot that were duplicates or things I don't think I'll need again. That can go, freeing up a little more space. The rest is now sorted alphabetically in hanging folders. It had folders before, but I added a few more since it was a bit too stuffed before.

Then I shoved the file box under the corner table so it's out of the way.

office files

That large pile of papers next to the shredder is waiting to be shredded. It can only handle a few sheets at a time!


At 6:53 PM, November 18, 2009, Blogger Running and living said...

Nice job! I hate organizing!


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