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Friday, November 13, 2009

this is a recurring problem.

I have too much stuff, and not enough places to put it.

Tonight I returned to cabinet in the powder room. This half bathroom truly is my powder room, since I use it to do my hair and makeup in the mornings while my husband is in the shower.

Aside from storing toilet paper and some cleaning supplies, I have a quite a collection of hair products, sunscreen, lotions and bath products in here.

vanity before

I find it kind of amusing that the black box in the front was full of stuff I hadn't yet organized the last time I cleaned out this cabinet. It's referenced in the post I linked to above ... from November 2007!

Anyway, that's gone now. Also gone are a lot of half and mostly-empty sunscreen bottles that have expired, some empty boxes, and some products that I remember disliking.

vanity after

I have the same problem as last time -- a ton of nearly-empty hair products that I simply won't toss until it's all used up. I now have all of them consolidated in a large basket in the front. This time I really do have to finish off all the almost-empty ones, and figure out if I like the full ones. And then toss them if they don't work!

Last time I didn't have that large basket ... and all of the extra hair products were in the back where I couldn't access them as easily. Hopefully this works!

I still have some work to do with the small basket in the front. There are some lotions that can stay, but there's also a rather large assortment of travel-size shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottles that should probably be stored with the others I have in our master bathroom cabinet.

But that's another project for another day!


At 11:47 AM, November 14, 2009, Blogger HubbleSpacePaws said...

I've got to tell you how impressed I am... you're really making progress!! And you've been faithful about it!!!


I know for my struggle with clutter the solution for not enough room was to get tough with myself and say the room isn't going to change, so there needs to be less stuff. :-) I've still got a way to go on that one, but baby steps... baby steps... baby steps!!


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