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Monday, November 16, 2009

sorting socks

I was looking around for a portable project tonight. I've got a lot to watch on my DVR and I wanted to multitask!

I wasn't really in the mood to sort through piles of paperwork, but I came across another issue in the office that would work.


Somehow these old storage bins back from the early apartment days wound up storing some of my running clothes (mostly socks) that I hadn't gotten around to pairing up and putting away. Since there were also three pairs of gloves in there, this pile has been building up for a while!

I matched 24 pairs of socks and put them away. I also folded and put away the three tank tops, two running skirts, and pair of shorts that was in there.

And then I got out all of the stray socks from the laundry pile and tried to pair them up.

But I still have a lot of orphans.

stray socks

I'm not giving up hope until we get to the bottom of Mt. Laundry. (But I did throw out several that were not worth saving!)


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