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Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

I ran a very muddy Turkey Chase 10K this morning -- which ended up measuring 6.39 miles instead of 6.2. And due to the mud I'm guessing, they parked us along the road and in smaller side lots rather than the field across from the start line. After the race I jogged back to the car to grab my jacket and logged the distance on my Garmin -- I was about .3 miles from the start. So I jogged back for post-run breakfast to make it an even seven.

Once home, I started cooking. Pumpkin and apple pies first, followed by Tofurky, mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetarian gravy. By the time dinner was ready, I had been cooking for about six hours! (When will I learn to make pies and maybe the potatoes -- which I also bake -- ahead of time?)

That said, there was no official clean-up project today. However, all dishes used in food prep are clean (hubby helped!), and I tidied up a bit and wiped down the counters.

The kitchen is cleaner than when I started this morning!

Now ... if my day wasn't crazy enough, I'm going to go shopping at midnight!



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