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Saturday, November 21, 2009

cleaning out the pantry

In the beginning of the month, my pantry looked like this:

messy pantry

I started working on the problem last week, clearing out the bottom and sorting out the bag situation.

clean bottom pantry

After a trip to the grocery store today, it was time to tackle the rest. I took out everything, shelf by shelf.

Apparently, our pantry is a black hole. We had far too many expired products in there. Crackers from 2006, salsa from 2008, etc. I think the worst may have been the marinade that expired in 2003 ... though I did find a coupon in a box of hot chocolate packets (expired in 2008)  that was only good through 2001. So those probably moved here with us, over eight years ago. Ick!

I claimed to have thrown away expired food the last time I did this. I must not have looked too closely!

It's hard to organize those deep shelves, but I tried to group items together. This is what it looks like now:

organized pantry

The second shelf from the top looks a bit cramped, but it's actually quite organized. Pasta and sauces on the right, assorted other ethnic (Thai, Mexican, Indian) on the left. The third shelf is the snack shelf. It would have been nearly empty if I did this yesterday ... there was a good sale!

I usually don't have that much salad dressing. My neighbor works for a company that sometimes sends her samples of products to share. I have a feeling she has a lot more where that came from.

We have to start working on that before we wind up with more expired dressing. Would you like some?



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