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Sunday, November 15, 2009

accidental clean-up

I had a busy day today. And actually, quite the busy weekend. I've still managed to post daily for NaBloCleanMo, but I've fallen behind.  I'm currently not working a day ahead on any of my cleanup projects.

When I got home around 6pm tonight after being out all day on a running-related field trip (more on that later), I wasn't really sure what I was going to tackle tonight.

I went about showering and putting on my jammies (yes, before 7pm), and then went into the kitchen to fill up a water bottle. It's hard to drink out of cups in this house! And I got a little sidetracked ...

While I have plenty of clean water bottles, I decided I should wash out the three in queue next to the sink. And then I washed the colander that had been sitting beside the sink for a few weeks.

And then I cleaned out the empty cookie jar. Even though they were long gone, everything had been tasting minty since the last of the Candy Cane Joe-Joe's (which should be back soon, if not already. Yay!).

I also have a canister that used to have whole wheat flour in it. I ran out long ago, yet hadn't gotten around to washing it out. Until today.

I don't have a before picture since I didn't really intend this to be tonight's clean-up project. It just happened.

cleaned up kitchen

Once everything was clean I wiped down the countertops. Sure it's only part of my kitchen, but it makes a big difference!



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