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Friday, August 14, 2009

wrightsock challenge - three and four

Wednesday was not a good-weather day here at the beach. When I woke up to gray skies, I stayed in bed a little longer. And when I finally did arise, it hadn't improved.

Clouds, light rain, and grumbles of thunder continued throughout the day. We would occasionally see flashes of lightning across the sound. I settled onto the couch with a book, and waited for the storm to pass. I wanted a short run that day, and don't mind the rain. It's the thunder storms that concern me!

Well, the storm seemed to be stalled. The sky would get brighter and I'd get hopeful, and then a crack of thunder would shake the house. Back to the book.

I did start, and finish, an entire book that day. And I even did get my run in by the late afternoon! Finally, the thunder stopped.

I wasn't planning on going too far, about three miles, so I chose the WRIGHTSOCK Cushioned DLX.

The WRIGHTSOCK Challenge

They're much thicker than what I usually wear this time of year, so I was concerned about them being too warm. Like all the others, they felt good when I put them on. Less bulky than I expected. I think I'm going to like these in the fall and winter.

With the so-called storm, the weather cooled to 75 degrees that day, but with 89% humidity, it still felt pretty warm out there. And the socks were kind of hot as expected. I can't really evaluate them otherwise since my feet were still recovering from Monday's 10-miler. No new problems, just re-irritating the old ones!

Today was a bit cloudy, but nothing that would stop us from sitting outside on the deck. (We just didn't want to drag all our stuff out to the beach, just in case). A little after lunchtime, it started to sprinkle a little bit, and then a light rain started. No thunder -- perfect! I got changed for another short run.

This time, I picked the SLR.

The WRIGHTSOCK Challenge

It was 80 degrees and 74% humidity according to weather.com, but since they didn't realize it was raining I'm guessing it was a bit more humid. Yuck!

The rain would have been refreshing, had it lasted. It stopped completely within my first half mile, and only sprinkled lightly for the rest of my four-mile run. It was a tough one today. I was really hot. My feet were really hot, too.

I'm pretty sure they would be at least a little hot in any socks, but it is possible that the cushioning may have made them a little warmer than a thinner sock. Otherwise, they were comfortable, and my problem areas felt fine. Much better than Wednesday, actually.

I can say with certainty this is the most I've ever run while on vacation. I biked 12 miles yesterday, too. And kayaked a mile. (Uh, yeah, I wore my Garmin kayaking.)

It's been a great trip. I'm sad to head home tomorrow!

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At 4:23 PM, August 15, 2009, Blogger barbetti said...

I wish I had the discipline you do! When I am on vacation, the last thing I think about is any strenuous activity, though after moving into a third-floor apartment (no elevators), I am paying for it!

At 10:52 AM, August 16, 2009, Blogger Amy said...

I like that you wore your Garmin kayaking! lol. I would've, too.


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