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Monday, August 10, 2009

wrightsock challenge test two - slt

This morning I actually set an alarm -- while on vacation -- to get up and run. It was going to be a hot one, and I really wanted to get a 10-miler in.

I hit the road a little after 7 a.m., and chose the WRIGHTSOCK SLT since they are the lightest and most similar to the socks I usually use. It was 80 degrees / 84% humidity when I started my run.

The WRIGHTSOCK Challenge

Much like the first pair I tested, the fit was perfect and the fabric felt better than my usual cheap socks. During the first few miles of my run, I kept forgetting to pay attention to my socks so I could review them, so I guess that's a good thing.

The happy feelings didn't last, unfortunately. My already-calloused right toe rubbed a couple of small blisters by the end, and I was feeling a hot spot on my left heel.

I can't really blame the socks, though. I was asking a bit much of them.

I'm positive that the heel hot-spot is related to my orthotics. I've temporarily switched back to my older pair, since I'm having new ones made based on the others. I used to get blisters on that heel, and never linked it to my old inserts. Until now. I actually noticed the difference in the heel as soon as I laced up. Despite the irritation, I didn't get a blister there.

The callouses were already pretty bad, so it's not surprising that they rubbed after 10 miles. (Note to self: buy a Ped Egg.) Also, I was using old inserts. Hopefully my new ones arrive before the sock challenge is over so I can compare.

These new socks were still pretty good, though. Even with the blisters, my toe is less-sore than it was the last time I used my cheap socks. So that's something.

I guess I should have tested one of the double-layer anti-blister socks today, but they're a bit thick and I was worried about the heat. I'll save those for the shorter runs!

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