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Monday, July 13, 2009

i've got to work on that last mile ...

On Saturday, I ran another 5K. It was in my town for a change, so I decided to add a little extra mileage. I got up a little earlier and ran to the start, about 2.25 miles away.

I took it really slow (especially since I didn't really give my bagel enough time to settle!), running 11-minute miles. I wasn't so sure how this race was going to go!

I cooled down a little bit waiting for the start time, but I was feeling good. I started a little too far back in the pack but managed to pull out of the crowd and find a good pace.

  • Mile 1: 8:35
  • Mile 2: 8:36
  • Mile 3: 8:56 ... getting tired, but I managed to kick it up to a 7:10 pace for the final .1
Official finish: 26:47. New PR! As I mentioned after my last race, I really wanted to break 27. Hooray!

After chatting with friends and cooling down a bit, I jogged the 2.25 miles (again, slowly) back home, bringing my total mileage to 7.6 for the day. A semi-long run and a 5K PR, all before 10 am!

And guess what I did on Sunday?

Well I ran another 5K, of course!

Local running clubs all around our area host women-only 5Ks as part of a Women's Distance Festival series. (Some clubs have separate races for the guys.) We have a team, and go as a group to many of the races. Our club and one in a neighboring county usually host races back-to-back, and I usually do both of them.

After my fast race on Saturday, I wasn't planning on running too hard. I was chatting with another runner I had met before through her sister. She used to be fast, but had slowed down after an injury and was hoping for a 28-minute 5K. That sounded perfect, so I started out with her.

We felt a little fast, but not too bad. I still felt comfortable. I didn't really realize how fast we were until we hit the first mile.
  • Mile 1: 8:29
  • Mile 2: 8:43 ... and then we hit what felt like (and may have been) a .75-mile incline. I knew this was a tough race but I forgot that the incline went on for so long! She left me after mile 2 and finished strong. Meanwhile ...
  • Mile 3: 9:19 -- not too bad, actually. I felt like I was crawling!
The last .1 was around a 7:30 pace, and I finished at 27:17. So much for not racing -- my previous PR prior to Saturday was 27:19.

I think I'm going to skip the speed work tomorrow!


At 1:16 AM, July 14, 2009, Anonymous Camels & Chocolate said...

That's amazing! You're just PR after PR these days, woman! I've gotta confess: I've been slacking (thanks to a more hectic than ever travel schedule), and I'm TERRIFIED I have the Marine Corps in just a little more than three months!

At 7:46 AM, July 14, 2009, Blogger Running and living said...

Nice job with the races. I am starting to become a true believer in warm-ups. Getting the muscles ready helps you go faster quicker. Ana-Maria

At 8:25 AM, July 14, 2009, Blogger J said...

Wow two races in a weekend, that is great! great job on the PR too!!

At 8:59 AM, July 14, 2009, Blogger Lacey Nicole said...

congrats on breaking 27!!!!!!!!! and damn you beat your original pr again the next day?????? way to go!!!!

At 9:24 AM, July 14, 2009, Anonymous Heather C said...

whoa whoa! two 5Ks in one weekend?! thats definitely plentyyy of speed work. haha, nice!!! GREAT job on the PR!!! plus 2.25 miles before? that's Awesome!

At 10:37 AM, July 14, 2009, Blogger The Happy Runner said...

Great job! COngrats on the PR and the second good 5k, too!

At 8:14 PM, July 14, 2009, Blogger RunningLaur said...

Great work! AND running to and from the first race - you're impressive!

At 12:59 PM, July 15, 2009, Blogger sneakersister said...

That is awesome!! Congratulations on your new PR. Enjoy that wonderful feeling and keep training strong. Great progress. When is the next race?


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