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Thursday, June 11, 2009

three shows in three days

This week and last have been jam-packed with live music!

The madness began Sunday with a matinee performance by Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3. This show was in town, so we walked down to our favorite local venue and grabbed some lunch before the show.

We were seated in the front row, directly in front of Peter Buck. That was pretty amazing -- I've been an R.E.M. fan forever so it was great hearing a little extra guitar through his monitor.

Loved the show, and got to briefly meet Robyn and Peter after the show. Too bad Robyn wouldn't pose with us -- he said Peter was the photo guy -- but we got albums signed to add to our collection.

Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock

Peter Buck

Monday night we headed up to Merriweather Post Pavilion to see The Decemberists. They were playing their latest album, The Hazards of Love, in its entirety.

But first up, we had a few openers. Andrew Bird was always on the bill. But a late addition was none other than Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3!

robyn hitchcock

robyn hitchcock

robyn with colin
Robyn asked his "young nephew Colin" to join him on stage ...

How great to see them again!

Next up was Andrew Bird. I'm not really a fan, I just know a few songs from the radio. But he was pretty good.

Andrew Bird

Finally, The Decemberists took the stage. And well, at least for the first three quarters of the show, we knew exactly what to expect. And it was fantastic!




Decemberists Encore

They took a quick break and played a few more songs after finishing Hazards, right up until the venue's 11 p.m. curfew. What a great show!

But there's always room for more, right?

Tuesday night we returned to Merriweather to see Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction.

Our seats were pretty far back ... and due to the nature of the show, we pretty much had to stand for both performances. But it was a great show, and a lot of fun!

I haven't really followed any NIN albums released since the late 90s ... but they always put on a good show. And they played all my old favorites!





Admittedly, I was never a huge Jane's Addiction fan. The husband was, I just never got past the hits. But I liked them, and they played them all!

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction

Phew! We're done with shows for a few days, but it won't be for too long. At least I think the rest of our summer shows are a bit more spaced out!


At 10:32 AM, June 12, 2009, Anonymous Heather C said...

That is a LOT of live music!!! Is this all in Annapolis?! I'm so jealous, these pics are great!! How do you look for concerts in this area? I def can't afford the bigger ones right now (ah, grad school), but love the bar scene type stuff. :)

At 2:11 PM, June 12, 2009, Blogger Running and living said...

I am impressed....OK, and jealous, too! Just awesome! Ana-Maria

At 5:44 PM, June 12, 2009, Blogger RunningLaur said...

Are those all your pictures? They're very impressive!

At 9:10 PM, June 13, 2009, Blogger carma said...

either that guy is huge or you (I'm assuming it's you) are incredibly teeny tiny - probably all that running!! Great pics. My ears are ringing from those Jane's Addiction pics!


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