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Thursday, April 23, 2009

marathon madness!

No, I haven't gone mad. Well, not any more so than I already have (ahem, Goofy Challenge).

This week at the Runners' Lounge, the theme for "Take it and Run Thursday" is Boston and Marathon Madness. Runners are sharing their marathon tips and training plans.

I've only run one marathon (so far). And it's unlikely that I'll ever qualify for Boston. But I've been there, so I'll share our plan.

Since we were all first-timers (and some of us were a little reluctant), we were very conservative. We decided we would use the Galloway run/walk method for the race and all our long runs, and figured we'd use his training plan as well.

Only his plan (linked above) has changed a bit since we set up our schedule in late 2006.

I'm not sure which version is better. But I'll probably use one of them as a base for my Goofy training schedule. (I still have a little time before I have to worry about that!)

For our mid-week short runs, we ran Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually three-five miles. People wanting to work on speedier marathons would probably want to add another day or two of running per week, but I'm happy just to finish.

We normally did our long runs on Saturdays. We started a few weeks into the program because all of us had at least a 10K base. And to make it easier for me to type it up, I'm just going to start my training chart there, too.

Week 4 -- 6 Miles
Week 5 -- 7 Miles
Week 6 -- 8 Miles
Week 7 -- 9 Miles
Week 8 -- 10 Miles
Week 9 -- 11-12 Miles
Week 10 -- 6 Miles
Week 11 -- 13-14 Miles
Week 12 -- 7 Miles
Week 13 -- 15-16 Miles
Week 14 -- 8 Miles
Week 15 -- 17-18 Miles
Week 16 -- 8-10 Miles
Week 17 -- 19-20 Miles
Week 18 -- 5K or 8-10 Miles
Week 19 -- 8-9 Miles
Week 20 -- 22-23 Miles
Week 21 -- 5K or 8-10 Miles
Week 22 -- 8-10 Miles
Week 23 -- 24-26 Miles
Week 24 -- 5K or 8-10 Miles
Week 25 -- 8-10 Miles
Week 26 -- Marathon!
I liked the way it alternates longer and shorter runs. Also, I liked that during marathon training, we started thinking of our 10-mile runs as short runs!

We did get in three runs that were 20 miles or above -- we did 20, 22 and 24. I know a lot of people don't train higher than 20, but it was a real confidence booster for us. We were well prepared on race day!

But it was still hard. And it still hurt. Oh well.

I needed a little time before I was ready to sign up for another. But now I'm excited to do it again!

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At 11:08 PM, April 23, 2009, Blogger RunningLaur said...

There are so many marathon training options, it's hard to know what to do! So glad the plan worked out for you, and can't wait to hear how it works again!

At 8:31 AM, April 24, 2009, Blogger Running and living said...

I did a 23 mile run prior to my marathon and it was such a confidence booster, so I am all for 20+ runs. I think there is always a trade off between overall weekly mileage and nr of 20-20+ milers/training cycle. It all comes down to personal preference, I think! Good luck with your training! Ana-Maria

At 10:17 AM, April 24, 2009, Blogger Page said...

Goofy...as I think about this...I can't believe I've signed up for it!

At 11:08 AM, April 24, 2009, Blogger Lacey Nicole said...

Hi! thanks for the comment-- i added you to my blogroll! i am loving the expanded runner-blogger community! congrats on the marathon btw, i am not there yet i really want to be there! i think when i train i will need to run a few 20 milers and def a 22 and 24... like you said for the confidence and also cuz i really need to practice!!!!

At 12:34 PM, April 24, 2009, Blogger Amy said...

You have some beautiful photos on your blog! I'll definitely be checking back. :)

Also, that looks like a great training plan! What marathon did you do?

At 1:03 PM, April 24, 2009, Anonymous Jess said...

I think doing the really long runs every other weekend is a really good idea. Plenty of recovery time.

Hurting is part of the fun. ;)

At 4:09 PM, April 24, 2009, OpenID trialsoftraining said...

I really like how that plan looks!! Definitely the alternating long runs with 'shorter' weekends, thats necessary to prevent burn out for me.

You're doing the Goofy Challenge??!! I Really want to do the half or full there next year (not both, ha, thats a little too ambitious for me!). Thats awesome :)


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