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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

april 28, 2001

Eight years already. Does that make me an old married lady?

8 years ago today

Happy anniversary, honey!


At 11:35 AM, April 28, 2009, Blogger Amy said...

Happy anniversary :)

At 2:08 PM, April 28, 2009, Blogger HollyLynne said...

Awww! Congrats and happy anniversary!

At 7:11 PM, April 28, 2009, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...


At 11:07 AM, April 29, 2009, Blogger jac said...

Congratulations! Now watch me scrutinise your photo for ideas.... :)

At 11:25 PM, April 30, 2009, Anonymous Laura said...

Congratulations! I'm not sure when the "old married lady" stat comes about, perhaps it's all a state of mind? Many more happy years to you both! :)

At 8:07 PM, May 02, 2009, Blogger Running and living said...

Happy Anniversary! We'll celebrate 9 this year and I am still considering myself young (working hard on it, though:). Enjoy! Ana-Maria


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