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Saturday, March 21, 2009

hooray spring!

When I got up to run this morning, the sun was shining. Flowers were blooming. Pollen in the air was making my throat itch.

And it was 35 degrees.

Well, at least it looked like spring. And it did start to warm up while we were out there. I lost the gloves and earband early on, and tied my jacket around my waist after the halfway point.

Today I ran six of my miles for the Hooray Spring 6 Miler virtual race, hosted by RunningLaur.

My total distance was 10 miles, in 1:45:34. That's about 10:30 pace -- and I'm very happy with that for a training run. Actually, I just checked my stats. My last 10-mile race (last April) was 1:45:11. So it was a very good run today!

And I suppose it was really a bit better. While I did pause my watch for a water break for my running buddy (I always bring my own!), I kept it running the few times we had to wait for traffic and the one time we waited at the bottom of the bridge for the rest of our group to cross. (We needed to see how long they'd be sticking with us. There were three people running three miles, two running six, and two running the full 10.)

I stopped my iPod/Nike+ when it said I had run six miles (well, I caught it at 6.09), and my time was 1:00:59. However, I've found that while it paces me correctly when I'm running 10-minute miles or faster, it's always off when I'm running slower. That's why I run with a Garmin as well. Or maybe it's just because I'm that big of a dork.

My Garmin was only at 5.72 miles at that one-hour mark. It hit six miles at 1:03:24. This will be my official race time, since I'm pretty sure it was closer to the actual mileage.

Certainly no speed record for me for a six-miler ... but I felt great today!

Oh, and I tried a new-to-me Gu flavor during the run -- Tri-Berry. It tasted mostly like raspberry, which I found delicious. I'll be adding this flavor to my usual rotation of Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Outrage!

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At 12:25 AM, March 22, 2009, Blogger RunningLaur said...

Good work on the 10 miles! I own a case of triberry and love it. Well, as much as Gu can be loved I suppose. It is still Gu.

At 1:06 PM, March 23, 2009, Blogger aron said...

great job on the run!!! i love the triberry gu too :)


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