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Thursday, January 29, 2009

26.2 miles

OK, so it's almost not Thursday anymore, but I still wanted to participate in Take it and Run Thursday over at the Runners' Lounge. This week's theme is the Marathon Explained.

What attracts us to marathons? Why do we run them?

Souvenir bracelet from my first marathon

Well, peer pressure eventually got me to sign up for my first (and so far, only) marathon! But that, of course, is not the only reason.

I liked the challenge. It was something really hard, but something that I could accomplish. With some pain, yes, but I crossed that finish line with a smile on my face.

It took a little while to be ready, but now I am officially signed up for another.

I decided to challenge myself a little more this time. I'll be running a half marathon the day before!

Yes, I'm registered for the Goofy Challenge in 2010.

Uh, why was that again?

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At 10:17 PM, January 30, 2009, Blogger emily said...

ditto on the goofy! see you there!


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