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Friday, September 05, 2008

false advertising, but a fun night anyway

Well, maybe more like misleading advertising.

If you saw this:

What would you expect?

This is a screenshot of the concert description from the Rams Head Tavern's "On Stage" website. The local radio station was advertising this as "Erin McKeown" concert.

This show, however, was a double bill. Erin McKeown played the first half of the show, followed by The Waybacks.

We had never heard of The Waybacks. They didn't get a blurb on the concert listing. It did link to their MySpace page, but they could have been backing her up ...

So we were a bit surprised to see Erin take the stage solo on guitar when the show began. We arrived just in time, too -- I misread the listing initially and thought The Waybacks were the opener, and didn't care if we weren't quite on time ...

(The listing would have said "Erin McKeown w. The Waybacks" if they were the opening band.)

Don't get me wrong, she was great! Erin is one of my favorite artists, and she started off playing a number of new songs that will be on an upcoming CD. In her hour on stage, she played some of my favorites as well.

And at the break, we were able to meet with her for some autographs and a photo.

erin mckeown
Self-portrait taken by Erin (center)

We weren't the only people confused by the billing. The other couple at our table, also Erin fans, traveled over 30 minutes for this Wednesday-night show -- and had no idea it was a shared stage.

I overheard a woman in the lobby at the break say: "Well, I guess I'll go back in ..." after learning Erin wouldn't be back on stage. And the room appeared to have cleared out quite a bit.

We returned to our seats, willing to give The Waybacks a chance, but it just wasn't our thing. We got the check and made it an early night.

Hopefully she'll be back in town to support that new album ... Erin, we want to see a full show!


At 2:01 PM, September 09, 2008, Blogger Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

totally false advertising. But cute pic! You guys meet everyone! ;)

P.S. Did you see I put Rhett Miller on this month's greeblemix??


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