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Sunday, September 07, 2008

1 virtual mile

A couple weeks ago, Reid at Life Strides announced a virtual 1-mile race. This would go along with his attempt to run a mile under five minutes. The "race" could be done any time between September 1 and 7, and at any speed. Which is good, because I'm nowhere near a five-minute mile!

He's been training and had already made several attempts, and he knew he was getting close. I don't want to give his results away -- so read his report here!

The fastest mile I ever ran was for a one-mile track race a few years ago, 7:57. I haven't been doing any speed work lately, but I figured I'd try to break eight minutes again.

Only, I new it wasn't going to happen pretty early on.

First off, I didn't run until after 2:30 pm today. It would have been cooler in the morning, but I had a late night and wanted to sleep in!

I've also had some stiffness in my knee for a couple weeks. Last week's 1/2 marathon didn't help. It doesn't hurt to run, but it doesn't feel right. I should probably get it checked out.

And then I decided to eat a couple cookies before heading out the door since I was a little hungry.

I ran to a track that is about a 1/2 mile from my house, and continued to run around the track until my iPod announced I had completed one mile.

At that point, I started my Garmin and picked up the pace.

I don't know my splits, but I'm pretty sure I had a gradual decline for each lap. I tried to pick it up once the iPod told me I only had 100 meters left.

Once I hit my mile mark (announced by iPod, confirmed by Garmin beep), I stopped my watch. I'm glad they decided to agree today!

Nope, not even close, 8:35. But still considerably quicker than my normal pace!

I walked around the track to recover, and once the feeling that I could possibly lose those cookies passed, I ran home. Might as well get a little more mileage in!

No new personal record, but I had a good run, anyway!

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At 2:23 PM, September 09, 2008, Blogger Reid said...

Great job on your mile! I'm glad you feel good about it. Thanks so much for running it with me! I really appreciate your support in this.

At 7:18 PM, September 09, 2008, Blogger Leah said...

I think you did great!! at least you did it, I never got (made) the chance to do it. Good job!!!


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