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Sunday, August 10, 2008

8 on the 8th

Non-Runner Nancy hosts virtual races from time to time. I'm a fairly new reader of her site, so I haven't participated until now.

For the latest race, we were to run eight miles sometime around August 8th. As late as the 10th was fine, which was perfect for me. I had a long run planned!

Actually, I did a little extra credit ... 10 on the 10th!

It was a great morning, sunny and not too hot. Though, the humidity was pretty bad. I started my run a little after 7 a.m.

I took several water stops, including one that took a little extra time to get the rock out of my shoe. I just kept my watch running anyway.

Here's the breakdown:
Mile 1: 10:07
Mile 2: 10:20
Mile 3: 10:22
Mile 4: 12:34 (water stop!)
Mile 5: 10:37
Mile 6: 13:32 (water/turnaround point/shoe rock)
Mile 7: 12:28 (running out of steam?)
Mile 8: 12:00

I felt really strong during the last couple miles there, so I'm not sure why I slowed down so much. Well, there was the ID checkpoint (Naval Academy), and one last stop to fill my water bottle ...

My time at 8 miles was 1:32:03

Mile 9: 11:25
Mile 10: 9:52 (excited to be finished?)

Time for all 10: 1:53:21

Now ... if I were to select just my best eight miles ...

Mile 1: 10:07
Mile 2: 10:20
Mile 3: 10:22
Mile 4 (12:34) swaps with Mile 9: 11:25
Mile 5: 10:37
Mile 6 (13:32) swaps with Mile 10: 9:52
Mile 7: 12:28
Mile 8: 12:00

Best Time for 8: 1:27:15

Thanks, Nancy!

Sure, I had a training run and would have been out there anyway ... but it was fun to share!

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At 12:41 PM, August 11, 2008, Blogger Runner Leana said...

Congratulations on your virtual race! You really picked up the speed at the end there. I'm sure you'll do great on your tri. I've heard a lot of good things about the Iron Girl tris and I really enjoyed their 10K race in Seattle last year.

At 12:01 AM, August 12, 2008, Blogger Sandy C. said...

Wow! Congrats on completing this! That is amazing :) Kudos to you on the extra credit.

At 8:44 PM, August 12, 2008, Blogger Non-Runner Nancy said...

So glad you joined us! Thanks for the report.

Full race results to follow soon... (sorry, traveling so it is taking longer!)



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