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Monday, March 31, 2008

list day 31: lists

I started this month with NaBloPoMo's Lists theme, and planned on writing a list every day.

Then I had some unplanned trips, and decided I was satisfied as long as I at least posted everyday. It was tough with the travel. I had to write a post over dial-up at my father-in-law's house. For another, I set up photos earlier in the day before my flight, and then finished and pushed live after midnight using my Pocket PC and the hotel's free Wi-Fi.

Anyway, while I didn't come up with 31 lists, at least I made it half way!

Lists for March NaBloPoMo:

  1. Projects that need to be done around my house (March 1)
  2. Countries I've visited (March 2)
  3. States I have visited (March 3)
  4. Wardrobe essentials (March 4)
  5. Shoe essentials (March 5)
  6. Top 10 foods that make me happy (March 6)
  7. Drinks that make me happy (March 7)
  8. Races I have run (March 8)
  9. Employment (March 9)
  10. Former pets (March 10)
  11. NaBloCleanMo messes that have returned (March 11)
  12. Seven random things (March 14)
  13. Colors in my home (March 15)
  14. Upcoming travel (March 18)
  15. Things I wish I could do (March 19)
  16. Things that annoy me (March 20)

And then I got tired of thinking of list ideas ...

I'm going to take a break from NaBloPoMo in April, but there will be people participating. The theme is "Letters."


At 8:59 PM, April 01, 2008, Blogger Rebecca said...

Doing a month of lists would have KILLED me. Ugh...


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